Case Study - food packaging project

We had a client who developed a frozen pizza, sold by the slice. We wanted to design a package that would look like a delicious slice of pizza. So we designed a die line for the box, in the shape of a single slice.

We provide a fully digital photo studio with access to an entire store room of dishes, kitchen supplies and fabrics to create an ideal food setting. We provide an on-set chef / stylist to create the food (from your recipe) so that it can look fresh and delicious for the photo shoot. All images are digital and can be edited on set.

We created the pizza slice and did an overhead and side view shots. On the side view, we used a blow torch to have the cheese melt a bit down the side with a bit of sizzle just before taking the shot.

We then took the images and cropped and placed them in the package die line that we had created. We used the overhead shot for the box top, cutting out the middle for the window. The other image was used for the sides of the package to create a full pizza slice image.

In the final image, you can see a hard edge where the main image and side image meet. We wanted the slice to look realistic, so in the second image, we have blended the images together in PhotoShop, by digitally "melting" the cheese to create a blend where the hard edge was before.

This is the final image created for the package with both sides adjusted in PhotoShop for a more realistic image.

... and here is the final result.

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