Case Study - artwork project

Packaging is a visual product and an integral component of that is the artwork. On some projects the client provides the artwork to us and many times we are asked to create something original.

Simba Toys has a line of Slime toys under the Glibbi brand. Each SKU contains unique character art, but all have a similar style. The current artwork had been used successfully for many years but Simba felt it was time to refresh the packaging with new art. We were asked to come up with some concepts that gave the characters a bit more attitude and emotion.

We provided the concepts shown below. We created different characters in a variety of poses showing the children engaging with the product. We developed numerous rough sketches and tweaked them as we collaborated back and forth between our office in Canada and Simba's team in Germany,

We then added the Glibbi character and incorporated him into some additional concepts.

Once the rough artwork was approved, we inked and colored the art and added it to the packaging file. The characters were developed for additional SKUs using different poses and expressions on each.

The entire project was completed in less than 4 weeks.

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